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We provide a wide variety of marketing services, including:

  • Corporate Identity
  • Creative Design
  • Media Planning & Placement
  • Direct Mail
  • Public Relations
  • E-mail Marketing

We provide all the telecom-related support you need. For example, using {{content.mnemonic_license}} will increase your call-ins up to 15 times and provide real-time reporting to track response to your advertising campaigns.

  • Licensing
  • Call Routing
  • Tracking Reports On-line
  • Call Center Solutions

We go even farther by assisting you with all your website needs.

  • Corporate Identity
  • Creative Design
  • Media Planning & Placement
  • Direct Mail
  • Public Relations
  • E-mail Marketing
{{content.site_name}} Advertising Services
has partnered with some of the best advertising agencies in the country to provide you with one-stop-shopping for all your advertising needs. We have a focus on small to medium-sized businesses; emphasizing low-cost, regional campaigns with a personalized approach. The types of services we offer are:
Corporate Identity

Whether you seek assistance with your company's name, logo and tagline or with branding of a product or service, we can provide you with the best resources to fit your needs. We have formed strategic alliances with several select companies to help you establish a strong corporate identity that will posture your company for continued market penetration and growth. Our services include:

  • Logos
  • Positioning Statements
  • Branding
  • Identity Manuals
  • Stationery Packages
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Conference and Event Promotions
Creative Design

We will help you develop the look that your company and/or product needs to be successful. We have formed strategic alliances with several select design and creative companies in order to provide you with the resources for a powerful campaign. Using state of the art equipment, programs and cutting edge design skills, all your advertising design and creative concepting needs will be met. Our services include:

  • Conceptual Development
  • Layout
  • Production
  • Management
  • Strategic Planning
Media Planning & Placement

We have formed strategic alliances with several select companies to provide you with media planning, research, analysis and placement services. Developing an effective media strategy is mostly science, with a dash of creativity and we can provide you with the resources to get the best exposure for your money. We provide planning and placement for these media types:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Print
  • Outdoor
Direct Mail

We have formed strategic alliances with several select companies to provide you with the resources you need to create and deploy a successful direct mail campaign. Our direct mail campaigns can include:

  • Program Design
  • Mailing Pieces Design
  • Layout and Formatting of Promotional Mailers
  • Copy Writing
  • Art Direction Requirements
  • Directing of Photographic Sessions
  • Product Illustration
  • Artwork Scanning
  • Creation and Manipulation of Digital Images
  • Production of Finished Ads
Public Relations

A strong public relations program is critical for image building and presentation of viewpoints, interests, good deeds, products and services. Public relations takes many formats, including news releases and feature articles; newsletters; radio and television talk show and newscast appearances; press conferences; sponsorship of special events/grand openings; seminars; brochures, and slide or videotape presentations. We have formed strategic alliances with several select public relations firms in order to provide you with all the resources you need. Our services include:

  • Press Releases
  • Community relations
  • Event planning
  • Fund raising development
  • Industry relations
  • Investor relations
  • Product publicity
E-mail Marketing

If you're looking for high-quality, targeted opt-in e-mail addresses on the Internet, we can offer topical lists and a huge number of names to choose from. We have formed strategic alliances to give you the power to create campaigns faster with excellent results. Our services include:

  • E-mail list rental
  • E-mail delivery
  • Merge/Purge

{{content.site_name}} Advertising Services available only to Integrated Marketing Services subscribers.


provides a wide range of call processing services to {{content.industry_company}} for direct response campaigns.

Using in your advertising will increase response rates up to 15 times. And that's not all, detailed call tracking reports will enable you to fine-tune your campaign, improving the return on your advertising dollars.

Once the calls start ringing, as a subscriber to Teleservices, you'll have access to our full line of call processing services designed to improve your efficiency and help you close more sales.

One of the benefits of enrollment in the integrated marketing program is exclusive use of the toll-free number in your territory. Our Regional Licensing service allows multiple businesses across the country to share a valuable vanity 800 number, each enjoying exclusive use of the number in its selected territory. This innovative concept allows a toll free number like 1-800-New-Vision to be used by a different optometrist in each advertising market, with calls routed to the correct subscriber based on the location of the person dialing the number. This specialized small business program is ideal for companies that rely on local or regional advertising campaigns.

Gives your business a national-sized image for regional-sized dollars!


  • Affordability — Regional licensing allows your company to take advantage of a high-caliber marketing tool for only a fraction of the normal cost.
  • Customization — We provide customized call routing and call reports and analysis that become a valuable part of your marketing campaign.
  • Prestige — Target audiences associate Vanity 800 advertisers with companies which meet the highest standards for customer service -- United Parcel Service℠ (800-PICK-UPS), Merrill Lynch℠ (800-MERRILL) and Nissan℠ (800-NISSAN-1), to name a few.

Call Routing

As part of your enrollment in our teleservices program to use in your territory, we offer you the most efficient way to route toll-free calls. Our proprietary software is continually being updated to meet your needs, enabling us to remain on the forefront of technology without relying on outside vendors.

Standard Features

  • Uniform Call Distribution
  • Time of Day Routing
  • Day of Week Routing

Custom Features

  • Exchange Routing
  • Call Prompt
  • Closest Location Routing
  • Zip Code Routing

Tracking Reports Online

Our vanity 800 number licensing service includes comprehensive real-time Web-accessible management reports which track the response to your advertising campaigns. These on-line reports will enable you to answer questions like:

  • Which radio spot brought in the most calls?
  • Which advertising medium was most effective in eliciting calls?
  • How many calls did a particular TV commercial bring in?
  • Which areas of my market are providing the greatest response?
  • During which hours of the day are listeners calling in?

Call Center Solutions

We have formed strategic alliances with several select telecom service companies to fulfill all your call center needs. Whether it's high volume outbound call generation, or high quality inbound call processing, we can assist with your application requirements.

Inbound Services

  • Sales Acquisition (Upsale, Ancillary)
  • Order Processing
  • Product Inquiry
  • Third Party Verification
  • Customer service
  • Pre-Post Sales Support
  • 800 Number

Outbound Services

  • Sales
  • Acquisition
  • Winback
  • Retention
  • New Product Launch
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Market Research
  • Verification

Web Services lets you co-brand your website and toll-free number for a more coherent advertising message. Imagine the impact and memorability your advertising campaign and marketing materials can have with:


We can also help you improve the effectiveness of your site by applying our vast knowledge of Internet resources, or referring you to affiliates for specialized applications. Services available from the program include:

 Web Link

Enjoy the advertising benefit of a domain name that matches your memorable toll-free number! Once you join our Integrated Marketing Program and license a vanity toll-free number for your territory, you can also use our matching domain name; in your advertising for a nominal fee. When a customer goes to the address, http://www.{{content.domain_license}}, they will enter your area code and jump directly to your existing Website for only $35 per month.

Additionally, a free benefit we offer to subscribers is a listing in our directory so that customers can easily find your business.

Customized E-mail Address

Enjoy the advertising benefit of an e-mail address that matches your memorable toll-free number! Once you join our Integrated Marketing Program and license a vanity toll-free number for your territory, you can also use a matching e-mail address; yourname@{{content.domain_license}} in your advertising for a nominal fee.

Web Site Hosting

If you are an Integrated Marketing Services program subscriber, we will host your site on our dedicated server for a nominal monthly fee.

Our Web hosting service provided by Dell Hosting includes these great features:

  • Speedy Connectivity
  • Always On
  • Detailed On-line Traffic Reports
  • E-mail
  • 24-Hour FTP Access
  • No Bandwidth Charges
Search Engine Optimization

Unless you optimize your site and register it with search engines, customers may never find you on the Internet. However there are hundreds of search engines on the Internet with popularity and registration guidelines changing constantly. Recognizing the complexity and importance of this process, will apply the best optimization techniques and register you with major search engines to ensure that your site gets traffic.

Enhanced Traffic Reporting

We can provide you with real-time site statistics so that you can carefully monitor your Web site's traffic.

We use advanced software that processes your web log files and spits out a collection of attractive tables and graphs that show you:

  • Who is coming to your site
  • What are they looking at
  • When they're visiting
  • What they're doing
  • How long they stay
  • Who brought them
  • What they're using to browse
  • Which links are broken
  • and much more …

Web Services available only to Integrated Marketing Services subscribers.

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is a full service marketing organization dedicated to serving the needs of {{content.industry_company}}.

By focusing on your industries' unique needs, we spread out the costs of developing premier advertising campaigns, bringing them within the reach of smaller companies.

To this end, we have established strategic partnerships with advertising agencies, telecom marketing firms, Web developers, and radio stations that enable us to offer our customers premium design, placement and branded response mechanisms at a price they can afford.

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